Samsung UN40B6000 LED TV Review-Breathtaking

The sheer unparalleled spectacle of breathtaking glory that is the Samsung UN40B6000 will likely make your eyes go wide with awe–that’s exactly what they did to mine.  Seriously, when I first got a look at this monster LED screen, I just about lost it.  It was unbelievable.  It was amazing. And of course, I’m talking about the price tag there, which weighed in at an equally spectacular twenty four hundred bucks.

The Samsung UN40B6000 is a forty inch LED TV that shows images in full 1080p, and includes a detachable swivel stand, Broadband internet capability, four HDMI ports, one component jack, two USB ports, one  Ethernet port, one PC port, and one optical digital audio output.

As possible hubs for a home theatre system go this one could definitely go a long way toward providing exactly what you need.  It’s got more than enough slots and ports to be a real workhorse, plus the picture and sound quality are excellent.  The LED really is as good as advertised, although like most Samsungs it still has that odd and distressing variant of not bothering to include exterior controls.

Aside from that small trouble and a monstrous price tag, the Samsung UN40B6000 is pretty much all the TV you could ever want.