Samsung SP-A800B projector

Samsung the top most and renowned electronics manufacturer has come up with a new SP-A800B Projector. It is a premium projector that lets your home appear like a personal theater by offering film-like picture excellence in full-definition 1080p.

The SP-A800B is a high-end projector. It offers home theater connoisseur’s full HD screening experience by leveraging advanced optics and Texas Instrument 1080p DLP chip. The advanced chip lets the projector deliver a height of color and picture superiority, which is conventionally found in professionals studio-grade monitors.

It offers a resolution of 1920 by 1080; an extraordinary 95% aperture ratio and a fast 16 microsecond rejoinder time to additional facilitate perfect and natural motion graphics. The A800B offers frame rate of 24 frames per second that is found in the commercial movie theater.

“Basic technologies for HD projectors have drastically improved on superior performance capabilities and enhanced design functionality over the last several years. Samsung continues to maintain its performance standards within the marketplace by delivering the A800B,” said Christopher Franey, VP Marketing and Commercial Sales, Samsung Electronics America, Information Technology Division.

The most attractive thing with the SP-A800B projector is its high performance with unique design. Its high-end functional design has low-cooling system, which can hold and sustain installation in a quick span of time and placement practical without hindering the unit’s functionality.

The SP-A800B projector will be available soon with a two year limited warranty on labor and parts as well as toll-free technical support for the life of the display.

Via: Press