Samsung SH-S223Q and the SH-S222L DVD Burners


Samsung has announced the availability of three innovative DVD burners to enhance its Super-WriteMaster series including SH-S223Q SATA internal drive and SH-S222A and SH-S222L PATA internal drives.

The three burners can write well at 22X speeds that easily translates to about 29.7MBps. It is the fastest pace presently available in commercial burners. Moreover, the SH-S2223Q and the SH-S222L DVD burners support latest LightScribe technology, which enables users to slit open CDs, as well as DVDs along with brands, pictures and other designs as well.

Samsung’s new drives also let users write to 16X speed black discs at higher 22X speed, whereas DVD-RW media is limited to 6X write speeds. Samsung hasn’t announced the prices and availability of its three latest DVD burners at this time.