Samsung LN52B750 Television Review-Solid, For Samsung

Ah, Samsung…you give me so much to talk about.  You have so many different brands of television that I can go for weeks.  The odd part is that so much of what you offer is so very similar, and the Samsung LN52B750 is a good example.

The Samsung LN52B750 is a 1080p LCD television with four HDMI inputs, two component inputs, one PC jack, and two composite video inputs.  It also features two 10W bottom speakers and SRS TruSurround HD, as well as Auto Motion Plus technology to cut down on movement blurs.

Unlike a lot of Samsungs, this has both a great picture AND great sound, which is something wildly unusual for Samsung.  Normally Samsung drops the ball in one regard or another, and leaves me to complain about just one thing, that standard Samsung control scheme which is very much present on this model and never fails to irk me.

And considering that this sucker retails for just under three grand (you can get it for just over two on Amazon), it had better not offer a whole lot of complaints.  Thankfully, it doesn’t, which is a huge step for Samsung.