Samsung LN32B460 Television Review-What Is It About Samsung?

Seems like every time I come in contact with a Samsung, something’s wrong with it.  It’s only a matter of determining exactly WHAT will be wrong at any one particular time.

Today we’re talking the Samsung LN32B460, a thirty-two inch 720p LCD TV with game mode, Wide Color Enhancer, three HDMI ports, two component jacks and one PC input.

This may be where Samsung’s low end starts, but even their low end stuff is priced like everyone else’s mid range.  For crying out loud, just yesterday I posted on the Toshiba 40RV525R.  Both cost about six hundred fifty bucks, but with the Toshiba, you get so much more it’s not even funny.

It’s really rather sad.  The Samsung LN32B460 has a grainy picture and a puzzling control scheme–this time they’ve got them mounted on the side instead of up front for some reason.  The up shot, however, to this model is that the sound quality is pretty sweet.

Yet another Samsung with one saving grace in a field full of calamity, the Samsung LN32B460 is one to stay away from.