Samsung HW-451 Soundbar Review-Big Sound at a Nice Price

And we end our week in the soundbar trenches with a high note indeed–and of course, plenty of low notes too, but this time I mean them literally, as the metaphorical notes will be mostly high. Today we’re talking about the Samsung HW451, and it’ll do a really good job of bringing great sound at a pretty nice price besides.

The Samsung HW-451 soundbar is a two hundred eighty watt sound bar system that offers two optical inputs, a powered wireless subwoofer, and oddly, not much else.

While the Samsung HW-451 isn’t packing a whole lot in its packaging, what it does offer is excellent sound quality. I loved how this thing sounded, and frankly, having a wireless subwoofer along for the ride is never a bad thing. Sure, you might have a tough time of hooking it up to your video gear–there’s no component input here, or HDMI, or anything but a pair of optical inputs. But if you can handle the input / output issue, you’re going to get a really potent soundbar.

And even better, Best Buy’s got this sucker on sale for three hundred dollars, which is not half bad for what you get here.

If you’re looking for superpowered sound at a nice price, then you’ll certainly want to spare a thought for the Samsung HW-451 soundbar.