Yamaha Launches New Stereo Receivers

Recently, Yamaha unveiled the upcoming launch of their new R-S series for stereo receivers. Featured models for this line include the R-S700, R-S500, and R-S300. Interestingly enough, these receivers were inspired by audio equipment of the 70s and 80’s and they all have minimal aluminum front panels with large hand-sized knobs for adjustments. However, underneath their retro-style design, the receivers are packing more up-to-date features such as BA-10 Bluetooth audio streaming, iPod dock connectivity and a subwoofer output.

Furthermore, the R-S300 delivers 50 watts per channel while the R-S500 and R-S700 crank up the power to 75 and 100 watts per channel (in that order of models). In addition to this, the similarly retro-styled A-S500 integrated amp and matching T-S500 tuner are available for those of you who like to keep your power and tuner separate. Thus, the Yamaha R-S300 is available for $330 while the high-end Yamaha R-S700, which comes with dual remotes is retailing for $550. Unfortunately, no word on pricing for the Yamaha R-S500 at this point.