RuffLife Records Adopts Multichannel Super Audio CD

RuffLife Records has announced plans to adopt the new Super Audio CD format for the high resolution, multichannel releases some of its artists. Later this year, RuffLife will release “Nommo” – the debut album from Slovo, the new band of former Faithless guitarist, Dave Randall, on a Multichannel Super Audio CD.

Dave Randall is recognized as one of the most creative guitarists on the dance, world and popular music scenes. He started work on “Nommo” in 2000. The album was recorded in studios in Gaza, New York City and London. “Nommo” features artists and sounds from across the world, including England’s Kirsty Hawshaw, Iceland’s Emiliana Torrini, New York’s Anthony DeMore and West Africa’s Maezah.

With recording completed, Dave Randall went to Belgium’s Galaxy Studio – one of the leading Super Audio CD production facilities in Europe. Once there, he teamed up with audio engineers, Ronald Prent & Rene Schardt. Prent has worked with Super Audio CD since its earliest stages of development and is credited with developing many new multi-channel production techniques.

Working with Ronald Prent & Rene Schardt, Randall’s eyes were opened to the potential that Multichannel Super Audio CD offers recording artists. “Initially I was unsure as to what multi-channel experience could bring to a stereo master that I was already very satisfied with. However, after just one listen the huge potential offered by the format became evident,” commented Dave Randall. “With the surround effect used in a subtle way I was able to avoid spatial gimmicks and instead enhance the emotive impact of the music.”

RuffLife pioneers SACD in the dance market
The release by Slovo sees the SACD format moving into a new music genre. Initially set up with a focus to develop artists at grass roots level, RuffLife has grown rapidly since its first releases from New Jersey rap crew Outsidaz “Night Life EP” & DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill “Soul Assassins presents”. The label now boasts an array of musical talent including Dub Dance pioneers Dreadzone. Hip-Hop is still an integral part of the music policy with the latest single from the Outsidaz “I’m Leavin'” featuring two premier females in Rah Digga and Melanie Blatt.

The record label’s President, Luc Vergier, sees great potential in the SACD format from the perspectives of enhanced creativity and also copyright protection. “Without any doubt, the advent of multi-channel Super Audio CD adds value to this album,” explained Vergier. “What’s more, I believe it will be welcomed by the record industry since these discs cannot be copied on a normal PC.”