Roku Now Officially Supports USB Drives

Now that much of the content consuming world is making the shift towards digital media consumers everywhere are looking for ways to actually get that media onto their televisions. Luckily, there is no drought in hardware such as this as devices like Apple TV and the Logitech Revue offer a wide range of functionality such as Netflix, iTunes and more.

Another set-top box that features many similarities to the above mentioned devices is the Roku – which comes in several different versions such as the Roku XD|S and Roku HD-XR. Well, if you’re an owner of a Roku box you will be happy to hear that the company has just announced support for USB drives. This, quite obviously, means you will be able to hook a thumb drive or external hard drive to your Roku box and play media from it.

The feature is appropriately dubbed the Roku USB Media Player and should be available now.

via zatznotfunny