RFD Channel 741 Launched in Chattanooga

RFD-TV, rural America’s most important network, is now available to Chattanooga’s Comcast Sports and Entertainment Tier subscribers on channel 741. RFD-TV is a cable channel that serves the general interests and needs of rural America with a variety of well-balanced, high-quality, original, and family oriented programs that cover the rural way of life including Agriculture, Equine, Rural Lifestyle and Music & Entertainment.

“We are excited to fulfill the need for family oriented rural lifestyle entertainment in the Chattanooga area, especially during such economic times where there is an even greater emphasis placed on family,” said RFD-TV’s Senior Director of Affiliate Sales, Manda Patrick.

“Chattanooga Comcast is pleased to launch RFD-TV to our Sports Entertainment Pack customers. These customers can now view the variety of programming that RFD-TV offers, including favorites such as Imus In The Morning, Marty Stewart, HEE HAW, and Crook &Chase. This addition to our lineup continues to increase the value and variety of programming that we offer,” said Laurie Shipley, Public Affairs Manager.

(Source) Press