Reference Ceiling Speaker III

rcs-iii.pngDefinitive Technology launched built-in home theater high performance loudspeaker Reference Ceiling Speaker III (RCS III) which uses integrated non-resonant medite sealed enclosures in order to deliver best-in class built-in home theater performance.

Secure non resonant mounting is achieved as RCSIII is easy to install with six rotating dogleg clamps. Wood screws are driven inside nearby joints with the help of four angled screw holes in the baffle and hence strengthen the installation and removes unwanted room buzz and vibration.

These in-ceiling front main, center, or surround speakers can be used as main speaker in stereo systems. At the listening area it has 1″ Pure Aluminum tweeter on an angled baffle and two 4-1/2″ cast basket active drivers. Listener gets an illusion that speaker is right in his front rather than at the ceiling due to acoustic treatment materials and special wave launch baffle geometry.

The RCSIII will be available at a price of $999 from February 2008 onwards.

Via: VPO