PS161 DisplayPort to HDMI/DVI Converter Chip

We are in the age where converters and advanced means of connectivity has become familiar in any environment we are in. And with the age of DTV upon us, a new cost-effective solution adding a DisplayPort input for computer-to-TV connectivity comes in the person of the PS161.

The DisplayPort input of the PS161 accepts up to four main link lanes at up to 2.7 Gbit/sec per lane, the maximum configuration allowable by the current VESA DisplayPort standard. Parade’s proprietary advanced equalizer technology improves data transmission performance over long cables.

Audio support includes up to eight channels of 24-bit LPCM data at a sample rate of 192kHz, and compressed audio according to IEC 60958. The HDMI/DVI output supports a maximum pixel clock of 165 MHz as allowed by the HDMI/DVI standard, with a color depth up to 12 bits per component for HDMI.

The PS161 is currently sampling and is priced at $3.75 in 100k volume. It comes in a 64-pin TQFP RoHS package.

(Source) Press