Proscan 37LC30S57 Television Review-Pretty Good

I have to admit, this is the first time I can recall ever coming in contact with a Proscan television.  This strange, almost out of nowhere contact left me a bit unnerved, but still somewhat pleased, almost like running headlong into a UFO whose occupants emerge, hand you a slice of pie, shake you warmly by the hand and then ask for directions to the nearest white dwarf star.

That’s what looking at the Proscan 37LC30S57 was like.

The Proscan 37LC30S57 is a thirty seven inch 720p LCD television that offers a 3D digital comb filter, two seven watt speakers, commercial skip, trilingual (English, French and Spanish) menus, two HDMI inputs, one S-video input, two component video inputs, one composite input, one PC input, one RF input, three audio inputs, and one digital audio output.

This one put out a fairly decent picture, and the sound wasn’t anything great but certainly far from terrible, likely attributable (at least in part) to the low wattage on the speakers.  There are quite a few ports here covering both old and newer equipment, not a whole lot in either direction but still, each side gets a presence and no one is left out completely.

And even the price is a thoroughly livable four hundred and fifty dollars.  It’s not the best price I’ve seen, but frankly, it’s still pretty good.

And that’s the best way to describe the Proscan 37LC30S57–pretty good.  The LCD picture is pretty good, the sound is pretty good, and the features are pretty good.  This is no match for some of the truly amazing pieces we’ve seen here, but for the price, the Proscan does its job and does it, well…pretty well.  And if I were less a grammarian, I would’ve kept the theme going and said “pretty good”.