Projectiondesign avielo Home Cinema Series DLP Projector


Projectiondesign is again in news for launching its new avielo series of premier home cinema DLP projectors. Designed to provide you important Hollywood moviemaker capabilities, these projectors incorporate the latest in high performance projection technology.

Gary Plavin, President of projectiondesign LLC Americas says, “The HD revolution has consumers demanding the creme de la creme. That’s avielo with moviemaker performance features. Just look at our complete specifications. They’re unbeatable. We believe there’s a perfect DLP projector fit within the new avielo series for anyone in the market to experience outstanding home cinema.”

The new Home Cinema Series comprises of three models including, the spectra, optix and prisma. All these three projectors feature Philips UHP VIDI lamp technology and projectiondesign’s exclusive RealColor color management suite. Apart from these, this new series of projectors incorporates Texas Instruments DLP technology, HDMI 1.3 interconnectivity and full 10-bit processing.

Via: Press