Pioneer XW-PSS01 Sound Station

Pioneer has recently announced its fashionable and industry’s first PLC (POWER Line Communication/ power line carrier communication) speaker system. You can enjoy music wherever you desire be it a lounge or while taking coffee at the hotel.

It is easy to remotely operate the sound station via remote control. Various input devices provided in the XW-PSS01 sound system are USB terminal 2 systems (A type 1 system, B type 1 system), the audio terminal 2 systems, and a mini- jack terminal.

The design of XW-PSS01 sound station is breathtakingly elegant and heart-winning. You can also connect an iPod with the sound system to hear music of your choice. XW-PSS01 sound system cam playback MP3, WMA and MPEG-04 AAC formats.

Via: Pioneer