Pioneer S-DJ08 and S-DJ05 Active Reference Speakers

Pioneer S-DJ08

It’s good news for music lovers and party lovers that Pioneer has launched its foremost range of active reference monitoring speakers, specially crafted for music production, DJs and party.

Available in two models- S-DJO8 and S-DJO5, this new age innovation is expedient for critical music lovers and DJs, who look for optimum precision in creating and reproducing music.

Both the two models S-DJO8 and S-DJO5 are loaded with splendid lineaments. They boast superior sound quality and excellent audio parameter control. They also have four switchable input devices for enhanced usage and inbuilt linear equalizer.

The compendious speakers allow better audio output because of the curved waveguide that enhances sound in an elaborate pattern for ampler staging. It assures greater clarity of sound to the listeners, even in a larger room. It comes with Bass reflex feature which gives bass and mid bass output. The S-DJO8 is armored with 10 cm highforce magnets for greater command of the subwoofer.

Built- in linear equalizer gives fine tuning to the users. It has high and low bands ranging from -6db to +6db, compounding tonal quality for a realistic experience. Both the models S-DJO8 and S-DJO5 exhibit various types of inputs including XLR, TRS and RCA (two sets). It allows the user to connect the speakers with other devices like DJ equipments, computers and other portable devices.

The approximate cost for both the models, S-DJO8 and S-DJO5, is $1,199 and $899 per pair respectively.

Via: Ecoustics