Pioneer KRL-46V HDTV

The latest KRL-46V HDTV brings for users a new-definition of viewing video. The LCD comes in an attractive design along with a high-contrast front filter. It provides improved suppleness and let customers enjoy a unique HD experience of home surroundings.

The KRL-46V HDTV supports 1080 pixels for high-quality images and its black casing attracts users very much. It comes with the swivel stand of 15-degree that allows you to change its direction as per your interest.

This 46V HDTV has 100Hz processor that assures of soft, flowing motion in a quite impressive and amazing way. You can improve the contrast, color definition and even sharp the pictures with assistance of its front filter feature.

The latest KRL-46V HD TV comes with plenty of specification given below:

Mode: 100Hz

HDMI input x 3

176” wide viewing angle

Room light sensor

6ms response time (KRL-46v: 4ms)

Color temperature: 5 steps

The KRL 46V HD TV comes with the three HDMI inputs along with the Blu-ray players, which allows you easy access to high definition video. You can operate the functions of the TV through its remote control without any hassle. The KRL 46V HD TV is expected to reach the market by the end of the year.