Pioneer BDP-LX71 BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player


Pioneer recently launched its BonusView Blu-Ray Disc Player BDP-LX71 with quality playback and high performance. The cinematic picture quality and dynamic audio enhances emotional experience making it a versatile player.

“Our new Blu-ray Disc player demonstrates Pioneer’s commitment to delivering an immersive seeing and hearing experience for those who want the very best” says Jim Catcheside, Product Manager at Pioneer GB. “In offering the BDP-LX71 BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player, we are solidifying Pioneer’s reputation as a brand that is constantly meeting the needs of high-profile cinephiles.”

The Blu-ray Disc player engulfs in it cutting edge video and audio technologies and deliver enriching viewing experience. The 7.1 channel analogue output, gold plated terminals, aluminium front panel, interactive GUI and capacitance touch key buttons make it a very usable device. Not only this the integrated 297 Mhz 12-Bit video encoder with fine-tuning options makes it stand out in the industry.

Though the price of the disc player has not been disclosed yet but it will be available for use this Summer 2008.

Via: Pioneer