Philips HTS6100 and HTS6515D Ambisound Home Theater


Philips exhibits the latest HTS6100 and HTS6515D Ambisound Home Theater at the CES 2008. Users can enjoy clutter free high performance with the Philips Ambisound™ technology. Employing the remarkable award winning Ambisound technology from Philips, the company has set a benchmark in the industry. The latest Home Theaters incorporate a multi-channel amplifier, DVD player and iPod® dock in their sleek profile. Both the HTS6100 and HTS6515D Ambisound Home Theater boast HDMI™ connectivity with true high-definition video up-conversion. Philips uses a few speaker systems to deliver full bodied home theater experience.

“Philips’ Ambisound™ and Ambilight™ FlatTV products give you the power to lose yourself in an immersive cinematic experience. The joint performance of sound and video pull you away from reality,” said Andy Mintz, senior vice president, marketing management AM/VM, Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America. “

Features of Philips HTS6100 and HTS6515D:

  • DoubleBASS™ for deeper bass performance
  • FullSound™ for improved MP3 audio quality
  • Surround™ feature to automatically ensure correct surround-sound settings for movies or music
  • 5.1 surround-sound

Both the Philips’ HTS6100 (priced $599) and HTS6515D (priced $499) will be available in May 2008.