Paradigm Special Edition SE1 and SE3 Home Theater Speakers

. Paradigm, the international leader in speaker design and manufacturing, recently announced its Special Edition product line that boasts the best of both worlds. The limited as well as unique addition to the Paradigm collection includes the SE1, a bookshelf speaker and the SE3, a floorstanding model.

Both of these home theater speakers are outfitted with stylish real wood veneer cabinets. They have soft edges, stat-of-the-art technology, clean lines and compact dimensions. Moreover, the SE line will come with Paradigm’s SuperDrive technology that combines high efficiency with high output and ultra-low distortion. In addition, the SE 1 and SE 3 boast the benefits of an aluminum midrange that eliminates unwanted resonance and distortion.

With a reasonable form factor, both the SE1 and SE3 home theater speakers are ideal for budget conscious customers seeking sophisticated appearance at a competitive price. The SE1 and SE3 are available at an estimated MSRP of $299 and $699, respectively.