Panasonic TH-L17F1 LCD TV

Panasonic unveils a new and one of a kind LCD TV in the Panasonic TH-L17F1 LCD TV. This latest product from Panasonic is capable of picking up all 12 segments of Japan’s digital TV broadcasts courtesy of the equipped rear mounted antenna.

This new LCD TV is also compatible with VIERA Link. VIERA remote control HDMI connected from diga are available to play shows and record book. In addition to the FAX-enabled phone or door, which features work with the camera sensor it also comes with basic network functions.


  • Power consumption is 39W (standby time of about 0.2W)
  • Annual power consumption is 50kW/h
  • Dimensions including stand is 430 ? 174 ? 390mm (width ? depth ? height) and weighs about 5.0kg
  • (Source) Panasonic Japan