Panasonic, the major developer of the DVD format, recently unveiled two new DVD players, the DVD-S38 and DVD-S58. Both of these advanced progressive scan DVD/CD players support multi-format playback. The players join the Panasonic line of DVD products that include the portable DVD-LS86 player and two DVD recorders, the VHS/DVD-DMR-EZ48V and DMR-EZ28.

Both the DVD-S38 and DVD-S58 are capable of playing DVD-R1, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs. For high quality audio, the S58 features Dolby Digital and dts Digital Out, while for premium picture quality the S58 provides 1080P HD up-conversion. The recorders come integrated with a digital tuner that can be used as a source for digital television transmissions.

The outstanding 13 hours battery feature of the DVD players makes them prefect companion for travelers. Both S38 and the L58 DVD players are scheduled to start shipping in the spring.

Via: Panasonic