Outlaw Ships ICBM-1 Bass Management System

Outlaw Audio has announced that their ICBM-1 add-on bass management system is now shipping.

The ICBM-1 (an acronym for Integrated Controlled Bass Manager rather than Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is a sophisticated, “audiophile-grade” six-channel bass management system designed to be used with DVD-Audio or SACD players. Priced at $249, and available exclusively via the Outlaw Audio web site, the ICBM-1 is inserted in the analogue signal path between a DVD-Audio or SACD player and receiver or processor (which must be equipped with a 5.1 analogue input array).

The ICBM employs state of the art, low-noise, dual op-amps, metal-film resistors and film capacitors and allows the selection of independent crossover points for the front left/right, centre, and right surround, left surround and subwoofer channels, the choices being 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, 100Hz and 120Hz. The unit has a subwoofer level control, independent LFE trim control and adjustable slope control in the form of 2nd order Butterworth high-pass in both “normal” and “special” modes, 2nd order Butterworth low-pass in “normal” mode and 6th order Butterworth low-pass in “special” mode. Bass management for a sixth full-range channel for use with Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES systems is also included.

Performance specifications are stated as: 105dB signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted) with a THD +noise figure of less than .015%. The enclosure dimensions are: 44 Ч 440 Ч 175 mm (HЧWЧD).