Onkyo X-N9FX and X-N7FX Home Theaters


Onkyo has expanded its home theater series with two new models. The two new home theater devices recently launched are X-N9FX and X-N7FX. Both these home theater models are equipped with the latest features and functionalities to deliver an exceptional music experience for the users.

The new Onkyo X-N9FX and X-N7FX come equipped with USB, USB memory and WMA-MP3 player. The first out of these two models will be sold in Japan from September 19, 2008 onwards at a price of $ 638 or 70,000 yen. While the latter model will be released in Japan for sale from September 12, 2008 at a price of $ 501 or 55,000 yen.

Via: Onkyo