One Day Rental Record For Redbox-New Years Eve

You know, suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my colossal New Year’s Eve that consisted of chips, dip and the annual Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy.

Because, as it turned out, this was not a boat I was occupying solo, but with a whole bunch of other people.  How many, you wonder?

Oh, how’s about at least two million?

See, turns out that December 31, 2009, saw Redbox post its biggest one day sales in the company’s history.  Fully two million DVDs, well over ten times the previous record, were rented.  Redbox further says that the biggest renters that day were District 9 and Paranormal Activity.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I count this as some truly awesome news.  I never liked going out for New Years much unless I was staying in town.  Back in high school my then-girlfriend used to throw fantastic parties out in her family’s barn, which just goes to prove what HUGE rednecks we all were, and that was about the limit of my New Years party.  Beats trying to drive on snow, slush, ice, and surrounded by drunks!  But lots more people are discovering the simple virtues of staying home and partying in place.

And Redbox–congrats on the big day!  You’ll need it to fend off all those lawsuits….