Okoro OMS-CX100 Home Theater PC

Okoro Media has introduced its new OMS-CX100 Home Theater PC. Designed to handle Cable TV HD programming in full Dolby Digital surround with its built in Digital Cable Tuner, this new Home Theater PC lets you experience great high-definition. OMS-CX100 is a stylish Home Theater PC that won’t fail to redefine the look of your home.

Okoro OMS-CX100 Home Theater PC features Intel Core Duo Processor with 2 Gigabytes of 800MHz RAM. Moreover, it comes with a high performance HDTV and HDCP ready NVIDIA 8500 GT video board and an ATI Digital Cable Tuner for CableCARD access.

This new Home Theater PC incorporates a built-in Dolby Digital Live Encoding Technology that allows you to enjoy movies, games and music at the highest quality along with full Dolby Digital output. OMS-CX100 Home Theater PC is available at a price of $ 1795.

Via: Okoro