Universal MRF350 Remote

The newly launched Universal MRF350 Remote is designed to receive Narrow Band Radio Frequency signals via the RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module). The RFX-250 generally displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. This new device will lessen the problem of flicker for which the RFX-250 has to be located out of the interference area. With the Universal MRF350 Remote up to three RFX-250 RF Sensors can be connected in parallel to the RF Input connector.

Specifications of the Universal MRF350 Remote are:

  • IR Flasher: Outputs: 3.5mm Mono Mini Jack
  • Power Supply: 9V 300mA/110V 60Hz (included)
  • Range: RF – Up to 100 feet
  • RF Freq: 418MHz
  • Six “addressable” IR Line Outputs

You can make the MRF350 Remote to control only a specific component by installing a base station at each location. So, when a device located in the living room, the remote sends command only to it. As an added benefit you will get the Universal MRF350 Remote with 1 years parts and labor warranty.

Via: Universal Remote