Nexus Unveils New Hotel HDTV

During your next stay in a hotel, you may find yourself enjoying HDTV in the form of the NX32H60. This 32-inch HDTV set was recently introduced by CTL’s Nexus division, mainly for the use of hospitality businesses.

Furthermore, the NX32H60 sports a Hotel Feature Pack, enabling the HDTV to accommodate the specific needs of the hotel guest. The pack contains a swivel stand, RS232 terminals, and USB clone. The USB clone provides quick and easy custom setup. Meanwhile, hotels can transfer TV settings such as minimum and maximum volume, start up channel, and channel mapping from a master Nexus TV to an unlimited number of identical models. As a result, you won’t have to invest hours in your programming time. Thus, the NX32H60 and Hotel Feature Pack are both available right now. However, no word on pricing at the moment.