NetGear Stora Gives You Your Home Theater Anywhere

If you’re the traveling type, then you be interested to hear about the new device from NetGear, the NetGear Stora.

It comes with a terabyte of online storage, and a suite of file management software options, but this isn’t really what the NetGear Stora’s biggest selling point is.  What that particular point is is it’s ability to be accessed remotely, and be used by any Internet capable device or smart phone.

There are some limits to this of course– your iPod will never be able to play Windows Media Audio formatted files, no matter how much you beg, plead, bribe or threaten the device.    But aside from these small limits, there are many useful applications for a device such as this.  And even better, the device only costs two hundred twenty nine dollars, which is approximately similar to the price of a particularly high end one terabyte hard drive.