NAD T 587 Blu-ray Disc Player

NAD is proud to present a new T 587 Blu-ray Disc Player for all the music lovers around the world. Designed to deliver an exceptional performance, this new player comes packed with all the latest features and functionalities. This is for the first time that any BD player offers a true High Definition source for digital Home Theater Systems.

Featuring Network BD Live via Ethernet, the new T 587 Blu-ray Disc Player can play Audio CD, CD-R/RW, BR-ROM, BD-R and BD-RE. It also supports Dolby TrueHD and Linear PCM via HDMI. It produces a resolution up to 1080p 24/60 over HDMI. It is one of the innovative players that provide MHP or Multimedia Home Platform support for interactive video.

The new NAD T 587 Blu-ray Disc Player allows you to enjoy simultaneous playback of HD and SD video. Its HDMI Output comes with a support for Deep Color and xvYCC Extended Color Space.

Via: NAD