Mspot Lets You Rent Movies Anywhere You Get Phone Service

Got five bars on your cell phone?

Time to rent a movie!

In what may well be the strangest way to get rented movies I’ve seen yet, Mspot is a fairly new company that’s dealing in digital downloads of rented movies to people’s cell phones.

Mspot, based in Palo Alto, California (which if it isn’t Silicon Valley is at least Silicon Valley adjacent–my California geography is poor at best) streams rented movies to smart phones for around five bucks per title, or for some strange reason, TEN bucks for four.  Company reps said:

“This is the first time anyone has streamed full-length feature movies to a phone and had it available through all carriers on a lot of different phones. “

Right now, Mspot movies can only be received on thirty different brands of phone, with plans to escalate that number to one hundred types.  A clever idea, if a bit niche and pricey right now, but considering that many phones and players are coming with built-in projectors, this may not be a bad idea.