Netflix And A Pizza-Netflix Giving Away Newmans Own

Well, folks, if you’re not a Netflix subscriber yet–and I’ll tell you this much, i recommend them–you’re about to be rewarded for holding out as long as you have.

Netflix is out to get some more subscribers, and is thus offering two free Newman’s Own pizzas to anyone who signs up…as long as they live where Newman’s Own frozen pizzas are sold.  Apparently, this is limited solely to places with Shaw’s, Albertson’s and Safeway grocery stores and a few other regions, so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, check your local listings.

I’m a little upset about this–I’ve been handing over cash to Netflix for the last two years now and I don’t get a free pizza. Bunch of Johnny Come Latelies living in just the right place show up and THEY get pizza?  Come on, now!  Where’s the love for the long-term customer?

Ah well…guess I’ll have to content myself with the unbelievably low per-movie cost I’m paying thanks to that one bill a month rate.  I think I’ll live.