Movie Gallery Wont Shut Down During Bankruptcy

A follow up to yesterday’s newsy bit concerning the bankruptcy of Movie Gallery, and why I won’t have a problem finding an open Movie Gallery store–oh, and why you likely won’t have a problem either.

As it turns out, Movie Gallery officials have announced that they plan to continue operating from the depths of their bankruptcy.  Their board has approved the use of cash on hand for “operational expenses”, as in, paying workers’ minimum-wage pittances and paying off vendors who supply them with the videos they need to keep operating.

This is welcome news for Movie Gallery customers who like going there, and of course, for Movie Gallery vendors and employees who were, you know, hoping to get paid and all.  But it does underscore a fundamental problem in the marketplace today–the traditional brick and mortar video store is coming under heavy fire in the industry from the various other sources competing for time and dollars on your home theater.

It may not be too long before you never go to a video store again.