Monster Cables Outsourcing in China

It looks like Monster Cables is laying down its cards in looking for new potential suppliers in Greater China. The company has reportedly sent five buying teams to Shenzhen to source audio/video cables & accessories and power conditioning products.

Global Sources’ Chairman and CEO, Merle A. Hinrichs, said: “Monster Cable has a reputation among the world’s audio and videophiles for offering the industry’s highest quality cables. Their participation is testament to the quality of suppliers that Private Sourcing Events deliver.

“Top buyers have a lot invested in their brands so they need to be extra careful about whom they work with. Because we only allow verified Global Sources suppliers to participate, more and more big buyers are using these events as a channel to find new products and suppliers.”

Monster Cable’s Vice President of Asia Pacific Business Development, Leo Lin, said: “Our customers have very high expectations of the products we sell. Therefore, the suppliers we work with need to understand that quality comes first and everything else comes second. Private Sourcing Events help us find top tier suppliers whose high standards are in line with our own.”

(Source) Press