Mobile Fidelity Returns With 3 SACD Albums

In 1977, sound effects expert and Mystic Moods founder Brad Miller joined forces with hi fi dealer Gary Giorgi to found Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. A spin off of Miller’s Mobile Fidelity record label, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (MFSL) used proprietary equipment and half-speed album cutting to produce ultra high quality vinyl albums and later CDs. The label was a pioneer in this area and stayed around until November 1999.

Mobile Fidelity Returns
Last year, Jim Davis, the owner of web audiophile dealer Music Direct purchased all of the assets of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs with the intent of reactivating the label. This week the new Mobile Fidelity returned to the market with three Stereo SACDs by well known jazz vocalist and pianist Patricia Barber:

  • Cafe Blue (Mobile Fidelity SACD 2002)
  • Modern Cool (Mobile Fidelity SACD 2003)
  • Nightclub (Mobile Fidelity SACD 2004)

    Mobile Fidelity’s 1st SACD Release
    Long time SACD fans will remember that the original Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs label released a well-regarded SACD while it was still in operation. “Blues in Orbit” by Duke Ellington (MFSL UDCD 757) was a hybrid Stereo SACD licensed from Columbia Records. It is now out of print with copies selling for $70 and above today, if you can find one!

    More Releases to Come
    The new Mobile Fidelity team is working on additional releases which should appear later in the year. We’re sure audiophiles will be watch for more news from Mobile Fidelity on that score.

    Now Available for Purchase
    The three Patricia Barber SACDs are now available for purchase from audiophile web outlets Music Direct and Elusive Disc.