Cirrus Logic Introduce DVD-Audio Orientated D/A Converters

The latest DACs from Cirrus Logic are aimed squarely at the high-performance market, they promise “professional sound quality” (whatever that is) for mainstream consumer electronic hardware.

The new units are the CS5361 and CS5351, part of the Cirrus Total-ETM range. The CS5361 offers 114dB dynamic range and 105dB THD+N with 24-bit resolution and support for sample rates up to 192kHz. The inputs can be used in fully-differential mode for balanced applications. The CS5361 is intended for high volume professional and consumer applications that require the best price/performance ratio – DVD-Audio ‘ready’ AV receivers, DVD-Recorders, CD-Recorders, digital mixing consoles, digital multi-track recorders, digital effects processors, and automotive audio systems.

The single-ended CS5351 features 24-bit resolution and support for 192kHz sample rates to provide 108dB dynamic range and 100dB THD+N.

Lew Pacely, vice president of marketing for the Crystal Products Division of Cirrus Logic Inc. said: “The enhanced quality and value of digital audio content can only be delivered by faithfully capturing the emotion of the performance. The CS5361 and CS5351 analogue-to-digital converters, Cirrus’ latest Total-ETM product offerings, make studio quality digital content more broadly available than ever before.

Samples of the CS5361 and CS5351 are currently available priced at $4.95 and $3.95 per unit respectively for quantities of 10,000 or more. Both converters are available in a 24-pin SOIC package and are functionally compatible with one another.