Mitsubishis WD380U-EST and XD380U-EST Projectors

Mistubishi has been doing a lot of interesting stuff with a new 23-inch IPS 3D Display, and the HC9000D 3D Home Theater Projector. Now, the company has released two more projectors with the WD380U-EST and XD380U-EST.

The EST stands for extreme short throw, and both of these projectors have a better quality of images and a longer shelf life than most projectors. They can display a projected image on a 70 inch diagonal, from less than 23 inches away. These projectors have a USBA+ B inputs for computer-free presentations, a built-in 10 watt speaker, LAN display, built-in 10-watt speaker, audio standby, and 3D-ready capabilities.

As for the difference between the two projectors, the WD380U-EST has WXGA resolution, and the XD380U-EST is XGA resolution. The also have brightness levels at 2,800 and 2,500 lumens, but I’m not certain which is which.

I don’t seem to have a price for the WD380U-EST and the XD380U-EST, nor an availability date.