The Nyko Intercooler STS and Slim, for the Xbox 360 and PS3

A while ago, I got a chance to try out the Intercooler by Nyko, and it was a little fan for the Wii that protects the console from overheating. It doesn’t appear that they make the Wii version anymore, but they do have the Intercooler STS (for the XBox 360) and the Intercooler Slim (for the PS3).

I’ll go ahead and start with the STS. It is able to direct hot air away from the 360 S, which an “provides optimal console environment”. It is powered by USB, so no separate cord is needed, and it can be snapped on with the XBox S in vertical or horizontal position. As you can see, it creates a jet engine on the XBox 360, and will hopefully avoid that red ring of death.

Now let’s go to the Slim, designed specifically for the new slim PlayStation 3. Like the STS, it snaps on, but it is powered by Nyko’s patent pending power pass-through technology which requires no cord or USB cables. It also provides a “cooler, better ventilated environment ideal for cramped entrainment centers”.

You should be able to get the Intercooler STS and the Intercooler Slim on the Nyko Site for about $19.99 each.