Mitsubishi Full 1080p HD LVP-HC4000 Projector

Mitsubishi is proud to announce today the impending release of a full 1080p HD projector that I’m sure a good deal of you will be interested in. This projector, dubbed the LVP-HC4000 features a full 1080p resolution of 1920 x 1080 but unfortunately will only be available in Japan, initially anyways.

Additionally, the LVP-HC4000 features a 3,330:1 contrast ratio, 1200 ANSI Lumens, DarkChip 3 display technology along with HDMI, RGB, composite and s-video connections.

For a price tag, Mitsubishi expects their LVP-HC4000 to cost around $2,559 when it makes its way onto Japanese shelves on September 27th. Additionally, our source also tells us to expect a Unted States release sometime after that.

Anyone out there with an HD projector care to share with us their experiences thus far? We’d love to hear from you.