Amex Digital To Ship MP-501 Media Player Starting September 10

I’m sure many of our loyal readers have extensive librarys of DVDs, Blu-rays and possibly even VHS movies. While owning a physical copy is great and all of us have at least one, the shift towards digital content is happening at blinding speeds. Lucky for us, there are several ways to get digital content from our computer to our television without breaking the bank, making this transition much more palatable.

One such solution is from a company called Amex Digital with the MP-501 media player. This extremely tiny device weighs in at a mere 250 grabs and is capable of playing AVI/MKV/MPEG-04 videos in resolutions of up to full 1080p HD. Thanks to both a USB and SD slot, getting content onto the device will be very pain free – something those with gigabytes of media on an external drive will be happy to hear.

If you’re interested in the Amex Digital MP-501 media player, the company has just announced today that it will be shipping on September 10th for $49 with $10 shipping. None too bad for such a feature extensive device. Hell, it even comes with a remote!

via engadgethd