Mitsubishi 140-inch LED RESOLIA

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, America’s renowned and award winning producer of high-quality presentation and display products, exhibited its latest Mitsubishi 140-inch LED RESOLIA in the recent InfoComm 2008. Unlike other screens which are tediously custom-built in-house, this new big screen monitor is designed for indoor signage applications. It can widely be used in billboard advertising or informational displays in malls, airports, sports arenas, casinos, entertainment stages and other public venues.

James Chan, director of marketing, Mitsubishi’s Presentation Products Division said, “We’ve received a great response to our Resolia LED big-screen, and we’re excited to show it to our InfoComm audience. Systems integrators will see its new plug and play design makes installation easier and more efficient than custom-sized LED screens that can cost up to three times more and are quite service intensive.”

Certain brilliant features of Mitsubishi 140-inch LED RESOLIA are:

  • Advanced pixels are a 3-in-01 design
  • Can be broken down into a two-piece configuration for easier transport
  • Easy graphic user interface for up to four simultaneous images
  • HD-SDI for up to 1080p high-definition imaging
  • Larger 150 degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical viewing angles
  • Plug-and-play design eliminates complicated integration
  • Quick to install and simple to set-up

With some of the most versatile mounting options available the thin body of the Mitsubishi 140-inch LED RESOLIA with front and bottom hardware allows the panel to be installed flat or inclined from walls, or even hung from the ceiling. You can get such a magnificent big screen monitor in just $399,000 with one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Via: Press