Yamaha Mark IV Disklavier

Yamaha has recently announced its most modern Mark IV Disklavier, which will provide a new definition of enjoyment for users. In fact, it is a cool, real and high-quality piano that can play itself. The latest Mark IV Disklavier piano has plethora of excellent features including immense internal music storage, new entertainment functions and an easy to operate touch-screen.

The Mark IV disklavier is jam-packed with highly advanced and sophisticated features that include high-capability hard drives, high-volume storage for MIDI song files, CD audio and even personal digital images. Really, it will bring you entertainment in a new and innovative way.

"The Disklavier line has always been about innovation and improvement, and the Mark IV Series is the next logical step in that heritage," says Dane Madsen, Disklavier marketing manager of Yamaha Piano Division. "More than ever, it is a complete system for home entertainment and enjoyment, while it remains a top-notch musical instrument for the most demanding connoisseur."

Customers can operate the Mark IV disklavier just using the remote control that comes with the device. The wireless remote supports dedicated buttons and a full-color LCD touch screen and users will have no hassle in operating it. Additionally, the piano comes with TRC that will provide you music control features, playlist organization, graphics and a lot more. Surely, users will gain great experience through the complete and unique Mark IV disklavier!

Via: Yamaha