Millionaire Giving Away Free MP3 Players with Money Making Secrets

Would it be nice if you know what it would take to become rich? Well, take it from someone who has already achieved it who has appeared time and again in various TV shows to share his secret. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so now along with a Free MP3 Player!

Russell Brunson can share his secrets with you. This youthful Internet Marketer made his way to millions and has now announced his retirement. The reason for his retirement is to fulfill his long time dream; that of which is to be in the Olympics. But before he exits the scene, he is going out in style.

He has announced that on June 23rd, 2009 starting at 2:00PM EST he will be giving away FREE MP3 players loaded with his money making secrets. He is giving away these free MP3 players pre-loaded with his free Internet Money Making Course, called “Microcontinuity” so others can follow their dreams too.

Talk about sharing the wealth, Brunson is surely doing it in style. And for people who may not be successful in the “Microcontinuity” scheme, at least you get a free MP3 player for trying. That is if you are lucky to be among the lucky winners.

To join, simply sign up here for an e-mail reminder, and Brunson will let you order your free MP3 player two hours earlier than everyone else.

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