Kenwood R-K1000-N Receiver


Kenwood recently announced its latest R-K1000-N Receiver extending its K Series. The Receiver will be sold from Late November at a price of 55,650 Yen. Kenwood R-K1000-N delivers full digital processing. The Receiver loads Supreme EX Technology. It delivers a playback of MP3, WMA and AAC.

Kenwood’s latest R-K1000-N features Utility installed capacity [Clear A: When turning off ] 50W + 50W (JEITA 6? ) 60W + 60W (JEITA 4? ), [Clear A: When turning on ] 10W + 10W (JEITA 6? ) 15W + 15W (JEITA 4? ), Signal-noise ratio 120dB (CD, D-IN1, D-IN2 and D-IN3), Input sensitivity/impedance 200mV/82k? (AUX and TAPE input), 100mV/82k? (D.AUDIO input), 3.5mV29k? (PHONE input), Output level/impedance 200mV/760? (TAPE output) and Total height harmonic wave distortion factor 0.08% (1kHz, 1W and 6? ).

Via: Kenwood