MediaREADY MC Home Media Center Line

Those who can’t afford to shell out big bucks for a Media center should check out the new MediaREADY ‘MC’ Home Media Center Line which includes features for personal video recording, electronic program guide, Internet, browsing and download support, email, CD/DVD playback, digital pictures, digital music etc.

The MediaREADY MC base model is powered by an Intel 2.8GHz Processor and include specs like; 200 GB Memory, 512MB RAM, 11/54 Mbps 802.11b/g support,DVD multi, CD Multi, MPEG2 (SD and HD), MPEG 4, AVI and DiVX support. Recording of TV shows is a simple process via the “Electronic Program Guide” with advanced search features. Other features include; DVD burner, wireless keyboard trackball combo, IR remote, USB connectors, inputs for composite and S-Video, outputs for VGA, DVI, component, and S-Video, and audio ports. The base model would be available by January for around 900 bucks.

“MediaREADY remains at the forefront in digital home product development and the launch of our MediaREADY MC will bring a whole new level of simplicity for our customers,” said Jeffrey Harrell, Chief Executive Officer of MediaREADY, Inc. “With a MediaREADY MC, any television is now capable of easily finding, managing, recording, and playing the best of broadcast television programming as well as a host of emerging broadband entertainment services.”

MediaREADY MC Technical Specifications:

– Core Silicon – Intel 2.8GHz Processor
– Video Decoder – Hardware Video Compression Decoder
– Memory – 512 MB
– Hard Drive – 200 GB
– Media Disc Support – DVD multi, CD Multi
– Audio Support – CD, WAVE, MP3, FLAC, Vorbis and AAC Playback
– Video Formats – MPEG2 (SD and HD), MPEG 4, AVI and DiVX
– Wired Network – 100 Megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet
– Wireless Network – 11/54 Mbps 802.11b/g support
– USB 1.1 and 2.0 – 11Mbps USB1.1 and 480 Mbps USB2.0
– Firewire – 400 Mbps 1394
– Video Outputs – S-Video, VGA, DVI, & Component RCA
– Video Inputs – Composite RCA and S-Video
– Audio Outputs – Stereo RCA, Electrical & Optical S/PDIF (with Dolby
Digital / DTS Pass Through)
– Audio Inputs – Stereo RCA
– Wireless Control – RF Keyboard and IR Remote Control, both with built-in
– Internet Software – Internet Browser, Email and AOL IM (Optional Skype);
– Internet Media Support – Support for Real, Flash, and other streaming
Internet video formats