Magnavox 32MF339BF7 Television Review-Low End Quality

I’ve had mixed feelings overall about the Magnavox lineup.  They have a strange way of doing well, and then doing poorly, and then even offering up a mixed bag within units on just about every unit I try.  I can never be sure in advance whether or not the next Magnavox I try will be a good quality piece or lacking in quality, and today’s target will be one of those mixed bags.

The Magnavox 32MF339BF7 is a thirty two inch 720p LCD television with Clear Pix Engine, one component video port, one composite video port, one S-Video port, three stereo audio line in ports, and one stereo audio line out. three HDMI inputs.

The sound on this one is pretty solid, and that’s a good thing, but the picture has some pretty clear artifacts at short range, which I definitely wasn’t happy with.  However, considering that the price on this sucker is right around three hundred fifty dollars, I think you might be able to live with it if you’re looking for a new TV on a budget.