MAGIX Launches Digital Audio Workstations

For all the mixers out there, there is a new digital media player you can use to create mixes and modified sounds thanks to these new digital audio workstations from MAGIX. Set to be released by MAGIX are the Samplitude 11 and the Sequioa 11 digital audio workstations. MAGIX has commissioned Music Marketing to help them in their distribution efforts.

The release of these two new music software will certainly be a big boost towards the efforts of the musicians and engineers who are tasked to come up with enhanced and quality sound creations in digital format. The new software releases should be a great benefit for musicians, new songwriters, producers, recording and mastering studios, educators, and game developers.

The MAGIX suite of tools truly offers a complete solution for audio and MIDI recording, editing, mixing, mastering & CD burning.

(Source) Press