Logitec LBT-SPWP100 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

This is the LBT-SPWP100 Waterproof Wireless Speaker from Logitec, not to be confused with Logitech. This is Logitec, makers of the LBT-HP110C2 Bluetooth Headset and the USB-to-DVI Dongle.

Yeah, I don’t know why Logitec and Logitech are similar, but I don’t think they are the same company. Anyway, you also heard me correctly before when I said that this speaker is waterproof. The LBT-SPWP100 has IPX 5/7 certification, which means that you can put it in the bathtub. This might be good for those that have their home theaters by the pool.

This wireless speaker is compatible with the AVRCP Bluetooth profile. That means that this speaker is compatible with Bluetooth headsets or even car dashboards.

I don’t seem to have a price or release date for this guy, but I have an impressive spec. The Logitec LBT-SPWP100 wireless speaker has an impressive battery life of about 150 hours on a single full charge.