Logic3 LCD ProDock – iPod Dock

In case you are looking for an iPod dock with a good LCD screen, take a look at the Logic3 LCD ProDock which has a price tag of $115 and brings a few interesting features, such as a display screen located on the remote control, and another screen on the dock itself.

This Logic3 Dock is compatible with the iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod Classic, and also the iPhone. The screen on the dock is pretty useful for everyone that has video content on the iPod (or iPhone) and wants to see it on a big screen, and since it can get connected to a TV that is also a good detail and makes it a 2-in-1.

Michael Kirkham from Logic3, comments:

The LCD ProDock is a great companion piece which will not look out of place beside the main television in the home. It makes it easy to enjoy downloaded video and online content with friends and family on the big screen and brings a new dimension to downloaded music by utilising your existing TV surround sound.