LG M1994A LCD Monitor FCC Approved


FCC has recently approved the LG M1994A LCD Monitor. Users can easily adjust the position of the panel in different ways to gain maximum comfort. The LG M1994A monitor comes with a wireless remote control that enables users to easy operate the monitor even without touching it.

The latest LG models support plenty of connectivity features including power concocter, HDMI digital signal connector, DVI digital signal connector and D-Sub Analog Signal connector. It also includes RGB and DVI sound jack that can connect to the jack in the PC sound card or even D-TV sound Output jack.

The new M1994A LCD monitor is jam-packed with the essential features and advanced technologies that will provide users with a new dimension of working with it. Users can also regulate the screen through OSD (on screen display) menu. Its APC function can automatically adjust the screen image quality to deliver premium images.

Apart from these, the M1994A monitor includes LG’s latest XD picture improving technology that displays a real HD source through an advanced digital gesture handing out algorithm.

Via: FCC